Company overview

Founded in 2019, Predactica is an innovative startup focused on simplifying creation of enterprise grade predictive models to citizen data scientists. The vision of the company is to enable both data scientists and non data scientists to create powerful models for both structured and un-structured data sets.

Technology innovation has been our winning differentiation, and we continue to use cutting edge technology and keep up with the advanced open source developments happening in the AI and Machine Learning space. Our growth is fueled by experienced professionals and founders in Data Science, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics space. In addition to our in-house expertise our continued engagement with brightest students from local universities is creating an immense pool of enthusiastic data scientists helping us with cutting edge research in this field.
Predactica Company Overview

Got Snowflake? Then you need Predactica!

With cloud agnostic and SaaS based pricing we offer a very flexible and economic pricing models to our customers. Use predactica’s tool that’ll make use of historic data to deliver actionable insights.