Democratize data-driven decision making through the power of Snowdactica

A complete data science platform built on Snowflake to harness the power of data and analytics

The power of Snowflake, and the precision of Predactica

Predactica helps take data-driven decisions directly from your data warehouse, Snowflake. Our explainable AI platform built on Snowflake’s powerful cloud performs advanced analytics in real-time without the need for data migration, and thus making the process more efficient.

How can Predactica help you?

Our platform is integrated with Snowflake, and so the security privileges you enjoy with Snowflake, you can enjoy on Predactica as well. As a solution built on top of Snowflake, Predactica uses the seemingly infinite storage so you can scale with ease and still get your data analysis done with ease.

How can Snowdactica help you
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Data Transformations with Smart Suggestions

Snowdactica provides customers with AI powered suggestions and insights at every stage of data cleaning, data transformation, and model construction.

Predictive Model Creation and Scoring

Compare and deploy multiple predictive models by analyzing various model performance metrics.

Explainable AI models

Create interpretable and inclusive AI systems from Snowdactica. You can detect and address model bias, algorithm drift, and other gaps in data modeling.

Data Transformations


Integrate Snowflake natively to identify data quality issues.

Predactica’s intuitive data quality monitor proactively identifies data quality issues and helps citizen data scientists remediate it on the go.

Data transformations fueled by Snow SQL

Predactica’s data transformation engine executes queries directly on Snowflake’s tables, leveraging Snowflake’s compute engine.

Solve the AI BlackBox

Predactica’s XAI platform predicts outcomes and makes it easy to to interpret the model decisions and help businesses answer the why and how queries.



Got Snowflake? Then you need Predactica!

Use predactica’s tool that’ll make use of historic data to deliver actionable insights.