Predactica and Birlasoft Simplify Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) for Snowflake Customers

With the joint Predactica & Birlasoft solution, Snowflake customers can benefit from MLOps and Explainable AI (XAI) capabilities for production models deployed on Snowflake data cloud. The solution offers a no-code SaaS platform for customers to deploy, monitor and explain ML models natively on Snowflake.


  • Create and deploy predictive models
  • Monitor model performance metrics including data and model drift and historic trends in model performance
  • Create alerts and automate retraining of models based on pre-defined thresholds
  • Explain black box AI models highlighting:
    • Why the model predicted the way it did
    • Key features impacting model decision
    • What-if analysis to identify impact on prediction output due to feature changes

Customer Benefits

  • A one stop solution to create/deploy/monitor and explain predictive models
  • All the compute and data storage handled within customer’s Snowflake environment avoiding data movement between systems thereby improving system performance and minimizing data security concerns
  • On demand usage based pricing model offers optimizing cloud opex

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