AI-driven contract search and data extraction

Extract fields, clauses, and metadata instantaneously from any kind of contract.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Multilingual OCR converts scanned and digital files.PDF and Docx files can be thoroughly searched.

Proprietary, trusted AI

Clauses and data fields are extracted with industry-leading accuracy using tested machine learning.

Document organization

Identify duplicate documents automatically, then handle or remove them as necessary.

Trusted AI extracts actionable contract insights

Analyze vital contract data automatically upon contract upload and ingestion.

Search engine for contracts

Quickly search your whole contract repository for specific clauses.

Support for all contract types

Use Predactica for any contract type, including NDAs, MSAs, leases, ISDAs, BAAs and more.

Micro- and macro-level data

Review information in specific contracts and analyze trends across your entire repository.

Trainable AI models without code for distinct clauses

Learn the terms used in a certain business or industry to Predactica.

Custom clause recognition

Train Predactica’s powerful AI to recognize and surface clauses unique to your business.

Automation Hub

Train and manage Predactica's AI across all contracts from a central hub – with no code.

Administrative controls

Control and manage which users can train and access Predactica’s AI and automation tools.

Linked contract data to improve decision-making

Analyze contract data with intuitive search and data visualization tools.

Advanced search

Quickly access contract information with a Google-like, intuitive search experience.

Intelligent dashboards

Instantly visualize AI data including expiration dates, payment terms, and cycle times.

Document viewer

Search text directly on the original document and link to extracted clauses and fields.

Let's discuss how Predactica can help your team

Use predactica’s tool that’ll make use of historic data to deliver actionable insights.