Simplify Contract Management with AI-Powered ContractGenie

Experience a comprehensive, AI-driven platform tailored for managing the entire contract lifecycle, featuring large language model dedicated to contracts. Take complete control of your contract lifecycle seamlessly from start to finish by enhancing visibility and ensuring ease of use from day one.

Know About Your Contract

Contract Repository

Store and organize your contracts in one centralized repository

Search & Review

Effortlessly locate any contract clause or critical terms in seconds, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Report and Alerts

Receive proactive notifications and stay ahead of all vital contract dates and milestones with ease.

Ask Questions

Explore contracts in simple, natural language and get clear, reasoned answers

Role Based Access

Control who has access with permission-based user roles.

Simplify The Contract Management Process

Start In Quick Time

Starting with ContractGenie is a breeze. Designed for simplicity, it ensures you invest less time managing contracts and more on high-value tasks. Benefit from our user-friendly interface and personalized support from your Implementation Manager, guaranteeing swift results

Take Control Of Your Contracts

Centralize your contract management with ease. Access critical terms swiftly, boosting efficiency and precision. Stay proactive with timely notifications on essential contract dates and milestones. Engage with contracts using everyday language and receive concise, logical responses for streamlined decision-making.

Never Miss A Deadline

ContractGenie enhances contract visibility, ensuring organization, risk mitigation, and cost reduction. Access crucial contract details swiftly, keep abreast of obligations, and eliminate missed renewals with automated notifications.

Smart Contract Drafting

ContractGenie streamlines your workflow by reducing the time required for contract preparation and drafting. Easily generate documents by responding to predefined questions, leverage data across agreements, and empower business teams to draft with confidence

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