Connect contract data across CLM

Connect teams with actionable contract insights

Centralize contracts and extract critical data with AI

Integrate Evisort with existing document management and enterprise-wide systems, so you can easily centralize contracts in a secure, cloud-based repository. Populate ERP, procure-to-pay, CRM, and other systems with actionable contract data.

Get instant insights into contract data

Easily surface contractual obligations and business-impacting clauses, conduct compliance audits, and conduct contract risk analysis using AI-powered search and live dashboards.

Manage compliance, risk, and spend across the organization

Gain on-demand visibility powered by AI and OCR into contract data including vendor risk, compliance commitments, payment terms, and more to strategically manage obligations and cash flows.

Streamline operations and accelerate CLM efficiency

Speed contract approvals and cycle times for sales and vendor contracts alike to do business faster and reduce time-related risk in enterprise operations.

How can Predactica help your team?

Vendor Contract Management

Keep track of expiration dates, automatic renewals, payment terms, and supplier data for compliance.

Regulatory and Privacy Compliance

Adapt to new regulations, streamline review for non-compliance, and increase CLM control and visibility.

M&A and Corporate Transactions

Validate deal assumptions, integrate third-party contracts and customers, and re-paper post-merger.

Find out how Predactica can help your team

Test Predactica on your own contracts to see how you can
save time, reduce risk, and accelerate deals.