Streamline legal operations with CLM at scale

Boost the strategic business impact of legal

Centralize contracts and settlement lifecycle management

Remove bottlenecks, reduce fire drills, and help legal scale by centralizing access to contracts, automating workflows for faster, less risky transactions, and leveraging AI to track contract data in real time.

Adjust to evolving legal requirements

Automatically report on exact and semantically similar language for regulatory clauses. Create and update contract templates that comply with external regulations and internal policies.

Increase partner trust in business

Make it easy for business stakeholders to work within existing systems by keeping existing file and folder structures. Tag, comment, and collaborate directly in the platform to keep everyone on the same page.

Define and enforce standards with AI

Effortlessly identify terms and clauses that deviate from preferred language, and build an intelligent clause library with approved language aligned with each contract type.

How can Predactica help your team?

Enterprise CLM

Bring the entire organization together with a single source of truth that integrates with ERP and CRM systems.

Deal Acceleration

Close deals faster by reducing contract cycle time and improving visibility into your CLM processes.

Regulatory and Privacy Compliance

Adapt to new regulations, streamline review for non-compliance, and increase CLM control and visibility.

Find out how Predactica can help your team

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